Inspired by her sister’s plight to keep plants alive, the idea for Kelsea Knits was born out of a Christmas gift of a set of four miniature knit cacti in glass vases for her sister. Interest in the cacti grew on social media, and Kelsea Knits was officially born in 2017. 

Kelsea Knits is a way for struggling plant parents to bring greenery and life into their spaces without the effort and care required for a live plant. Drawing ideas from her collection of over 100 real plants, Kelsea carefully crafts knit cacti and succulents in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes. Committed to sustainability, Kelsea thrifts yarn and stuffing as much as possible. We upcycle pots, decor pieces, vases, and even toy dinosaurs. Cacti are “planted” and surrounded by stones or moss. These plants look real, but require no effort! Shipping materials are reused and upcycled to reduce waste created by packaging.  

Each cacti and succulent are knit by Kelsea. They are stuffed with poly-fill and sewn shut. Using leftover cardboard from Amazon boxes, circles are cut and glued into pots to create a base for the finished cacti to sit on. This reduces the weight of each plant, making them easier to travel. Rocks, stones, or moss, are glued around the base of each cacti, “planting” the cacti to make them look as realistic as possible. Miniature cacti are glued into terrariums and surrounded by stones or sand. Typically, these “planting” parties are a way for Kelsea to get some extra hands to help produce finished products. Kelsea gets help from her sister and Mom most often but has been known to recruit family friends to drink wine and help with gluing and cutting. Plants are finished with a Kelsea Knits sticker before they reach their final home.

Kelsea Knits is a family production, supported by Kelsea’s husband, sister, and parents. Her sister created her logo and assists with branding and imaging. Kelsea’s father designs and builds displays for markets and serves as the muscle to load and unload at markets and shows. Kelsea’s mother, Tina, the Creative Director, conceptualizes new product line ideas, display designs, and marketing campaigns. Tina crochets the colourful flowers that add some extra jazz to the cacti. Both Kelsea’s husband and Mom attend craft markets and shows with Kelsea, serving to lead the sales process.